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Commanders Training

The MOS&B has the minimum organization needed to be consistent with its long-term survival and adherence to its original goals. Each Chapter, along with it's Society, makes most of the decisions necessary for its existence and to carry out its programs. The higher levels of the organization exist to assist the chapters, to implement policy and to serve as a clearinghouse for ideas. Structurally, the organization is centered on the chapter and its support with the other layers of responsibility.

Therefore, the Chapter Commander is one of, if not the, most valuable member of this organization. Too many of our members hesitate to put their name in the hat to become the Chapter Commander because they fill that they are not ready for the job, or simply that they don’t know exactly what all the job entails.

Most of this training is taken from the Chapter Handbook, it is a good idea to download it from our Handbooks Section, read it and keep it near for future reference. This training is broken down into the many different segments, attempting to give a short instruction on each task at hand.

The main thing to remember is that it is the Chapter Commander’s option on exactly how each task will be completed. This training is only a suggestion and will point out the required steps.

Organizational Sturcture

Chapter Meetings

Initiation Ceremony for New Members

Election and Installation of Chapter Meetings

Presenting Awards

Graveside Ceremonies for Departed Members

Honor Roll Ceremony for Our Ancestors

Memorial Service for Departed Compatriots

Chapter Committees

Chapter Newsletters

More Coming Soon!

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