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CSA Officers/Chaplains/Surgeons
Public Officials buried in Texas

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Click on the individual's name to read biographies, see photos, access a map of the cemetery, share with others, and leave flowers or personal messages.

Descendants may qualify for MOS&B but finding an ancestor on this listing does not automatically insure membership. Some of the Colonels are honorary, some ministers kept churches going during the war, and famous early settlers, dignitaries, and worthy luminaries are also included. When a Union Officer was found he was inserted for historical purposes. All old graves should be honored, revered and protected. This directory is a work in progress and by no means conclusive or absolute. If you wish to add someone, let me know.

    Benefits, usage and value:
  1. Find an important grave near your home.
  2. Confirm a relative in your family.
  3. Photos of headstones provide support proof for genealogists and researchers.
  4. Provides a recruitment tool.
  5. Find and maintain a CSA Officer grave to qualify for the General Thomas Jackson National Award.
  6. Afford the Texas Society Graves Chairman a basic directory of Officers/Chaplains/Surgeons/Public Officials.
  7. This "Virtual Cemetery" may be sorted and viewed alphabetically by name or cemetery. You may also enter a page # to quick access and jump around inside the big list. "BACK TO TOP" starts again.
  8. Reading of individual biographies creates a historical book of the period.
  9. Leave a flower and personal message at the grave for future generations.
  10. Click on individuals to open, view biographies, leave flowers, print, and share with others. Enter a page # to jump forward. Use the "back" arrow to return to the main listing.
  11. Find a Cemetery close to your Chapter or Camp and conduct a CSA Memorial Program to honor all the soldiers buried there.

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